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Essential Supplies that You Should Buy Before Adopting a Cat or Kitten

Before you bring your new kitten or cat home, there are a few things that you need to buy first so that your cat can feel like part of the family rather than a visitor. Purchasing these things before the arrival of a cat will help you be ready, and you will not have to rush for anything.

1.      Cat Carrier

The first thing that you need to purchase is a cat carrier. You will need this to take your cat home after you have adopted it. There are various styles of carriers available. Some of them can be opened from the roof, and you can pick the cat and easily put them in a carrier.

The carrier should be safe with plenty of aeration and must allow you to access your cat easily. A cardboard box is actually not a good idea for carrying your cat because first, it does not give enough air ventilation, and your car might feel more scared and threatened and will try to claw her way through it.

Cardboard boxes can break down easily, while a plastic carrier will not break down as they are durable and long-lasting and will make it more convenient for you to take your car wherever you want.

2.      Bowel for Food and Water

Some cats dislike having water and food close to one another, so you can purchase separate food and water bowl. The type of bowl depends on the preferences of the owner and the cat, but a fountain bowl is suggested if the owner is ready to spend a little more money and put in a little additional work cleaning it.

However, the bowls should be waiting at home for the cat’s arrival. If you have purchased a kitten, consider buying a small and shallow bowl that is designed especially for kittens. While for big cats, you can find bigger bowls.

Make sure that bowels are cleaned daily and also place them at a distance from the litter box cats do not appreciate eating and relieving themselves at the same place.

3.      Availability of food

There are many different sorts of cat foods available in pet stores. However, if possible, it is preferable to give your cat the food that was given by the previous owner or breeder in the first place. Because in the first few weeks, there are many new things that the cat needs to adjust to, so maintaining an old diet may be calming for the cat.

The age of your new cat will also affect what you feed it. If you changing the diet of your cat, do it slowly. Once your kitten is accustomed to it, you can replace new food with old food.

At Lacey’s pet supplies store in Kennebunkport, you can find a huge variety of cat supplies, including cat food, bowels, carrier, and many other important kinds of stuff.

4.      Litter Box

Just like other stuff, you can also find a huge variety of litter boxes. There are also self-cleaning litter boxes available that rake the used litter. Cleaning tools are appreciated by certain owners. However, the mechanism on these boxes might scare cats, and they are highly pricey.

Then there are hooded litter boxes that give privacy to your cat. Additionally, it helps to stop rubbish from coming out of the box onto the floor. But some cats won’t use covered litter boxes because they are scared of the hood.

A plain plastic box filled with cat litter serves as a third choice. Many homeowners prefer this litter box because it is much more affordable and does not require much upkeep. You can look at Lacey’s pet supplies store in Kennebunkport and purchase a preferable litter box for your cat.

5.      Scratcher and Toys

Cats do need to scratch as it helps them with the urge. When cats do not have the availability of scratchers, they use other things from home, such as your sofas. So, if you want to protect your furniture from getting ruined by the scratching of your pet, it is preferable to get a scratcher for them.

Moreover, buy some safe toys for your cat so your furry friend and exert their energy and have some good hours of interactive fun. At pet stores, you can find a huge variety of cat toys that you can purchase for your furry friend.

6.      A Collar and ID Tag

Cats should always have collars with identifying tags. Your name, home address, and phone number should be on the label. Also in case of your pet gets stuck on something, the collar should feature an automated release that will let go of it.

Make sure the collar is snugly fitting and won’t exasperate your cat’s throat or obstruct its ability to breathe or swallow. It is preferable to leave enough space of almost 2 fingers between the collar and neck for easy neck movement.

If you want to know what your cat needs in its new home, all of these things should be on your list of cat supplies because they are necessities. Your cat will adjust more quickly in a well-prepared house, and you will soon be able to see the purring and happy cat that you can play with and adore.

7.      Bed

Cats have different natures. Some cats enjoy sleeping with their owner, while some cats like to sleep on their own bed. Therefore, it is a good idea to provide your cat with her very own coy place for napping. The bed should be easily washable and comfortable enough so she can sleep peacefully without feeling exposed or vulnerable.

Final Verdict

It is important to make your new pet feel at home. And purchasing these important supplies ahead of time can benefit you big time.

Also, it is important for you to get your pet checked from averting and give your vaccination to make sure that she stays fit and healthy.

Cats are different from dogs, and they enjoy some private space. So it is better to give them the space they need. And also purchase items like shampoo so they can stay clean. You can also find flea treatment shampoos in pet stores to keep your pet free from fleas.

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