Raf Lindia


Life is a compendium of phases that every person goes through. It can be good, bad, or a mix of both. An individual should comprehend the difficulties and overcome them with fortitude and faith. In other words, he or she should not fall victim to circumstances. Love, passion, enthusiasm, sorrow, and happiness are different emotions felt and expressed by people; they should be managed properly.

Raf Lindia

When people undergo familiar situations, their decisions are usually automatic and rapid. On the other hand, they take their time to weigh the risks and benefits when faced with new circumstances. Arguably, the most testing challenge is to choose between love and career, a crossroad that needs time and patience to comprehend.

Those who choose love over career, they’re active, feisty, and adamant in their approach. Being in a love relationship can propel a spectrum of emotions that can direct life toward a better end. However, complications can also arise. The hormones associated with love can generate feelings of excitement and ecstasy. Time will fly and you won’t even know!

Some people are career-oriented. They prefer a professional and sober approach to life. A staggering career strengthens an individual’s sense of independence and self-worth. They become more mature in life and develop a deep sense of fulfillment. By the time people settle down, they are prepared to handle the obligation.

Lastly, some can balance their love life and career in a sane and appreciative manner. Their personal needs and feelings of self-worth are duly met, thanks to their ingenious approach toward life.

True love does not come easy; it is an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime. The moment is special when your admirer is by your side, catering to your requests and loving you each moment. Love does not equate only to desire. Personal relationships, including passionate ones, strengthen as time plods by. Being in love creates a sense of well-being and care. Moreover, it builds trust among people and creates a healthy environment where everyone can live in peace and harmony.

On the other hand, it’s a painful experience if a person is away from their love. Their thoughts are in constant flux, worrying about the health and safety of their partner. As days pass by, stress and anxiety start to creep into the minds of both individuals. In addition, their decision-making also gets affected adversely.

Writing a love story is not an easy process. The emotional and tragic phases blended with the lovers’ departure, intense moments, and fluctuating relationships all combine to form a story that Raf Lindia has written in his fifth novel. He is the author of A One Way Ticket, a love saga based on two individuals. Using words with flair is a skill that Raf exudes brilliantly. In addition, he knows how to mix suspense with romance. All in all, Raf is an author cum artist who has a knack for producing exceptional novels.

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